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Aqua Natal

Aqua Natal


Aquatic gymnastics

Aqua Natal Brasov – Aqua fitness is recommended for pregnant women from the early months of pregnancy. They can prevent weight gain, back pain, or heavy feeling in their legs through participation in water gymnastics sessions. They will also maintain muscle toneness and joint mobility.

Water acts like a massage

  • Aquatic gymnastics is a suitable method for preventing circulatory disorders of the lower limbs, often encountered during pregnancy: lymphatic edema, varicose veins.
  • Bowel disorders and other conditions common during pregnancy can be prevented by aqua natal sessions Brasov.
  • Water takes a part of your weight thus moves will be made much easier, and you will not feel the effort.

Coach: Ana-Maria Munteanu

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Pleasant environment

  • Aqua natal sessions Brasov offers a pleasant environment in which pregnant women can move, primarily offering relaxation and recovery easier after birth.
  • Swimming and water are designed to make us relax and de-stress, and this makes water gymnastics beneficial for both mothers and babies. It involves a good oxygenation of the mother and therefore of the fetus.
  • Throughout the sessions ensure a breath control, which again will contribute to birth easier.


Eliminates the risk of unpleasant incidents

  • Constant participation in such sessions will make adapting to changes during pregnancy easier and will remove the risk of unpleasant incidents.
  • Improves muscle tone and endurance flexibility.
  • Aqua natal sessions are recommended especially in the last trimester of pregnancy when the body and becomes heavier and therefore the moves that pregnant women make are more difficult.
  • In addition, such exercises can speed up the duration of labor and reduce pain as well.

Sports Club Luna

Our benefits

Enrolling in swimming lessons has multiple benefits for you and / or the little athlete. Our team of professionals is at your disposal at any time!


For us, safety is an important factor, and our team of professionals will ensure the safety of every person in the water.

Passion for swimming

Luna Sports Club was born from a huge passion for swimming. Our professional instructors are experienced, caring and enthusiastic.

We build trust

The instructors offer the chance to each child to stand out through the performance, helping them to feel comfortable in the water.


Exercise is extremely important for maintaining health, it is recommended for people suffering from various dysfunctions, physical or mental.

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