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Swimming children

Swimming children


Initiation and perfecting

Swimming is one of the most effective, interesting, and relaxing sports. It offers the advantage of addressing all age categories-adult children swimming- allowing the participation of everyone who is eager to learn or refine.

Therefore, come with your little ones and participate in swimming classes offered by CS Luna Brasov!

Objectives set in order to obtain performance

  • Achieving the scales indicated by the coordinating coach.
  • Participation in national and international swimming competitions.
  • Observance and fulfillment of the trainings carried out by the coordinating coach.
  • Certification as performance athletes of the club.

Coaches: George Munteanu, Cristina Ciohodaru

Class registrations are made by filling in the contact form or at the phone number!


OR CALL IT: +40 787 222 777

Swimming children

Sport, relaxation and harmonious development

  • Our team of instructors for swimming classes for children Brasov has the purpose of training the little ones to develop more harmoniously in a fun and interactive environment.
  • The little ones have the chance to acquire essential skills for their physical and mental development, practicing one of the most popular sports.
  • From health, to discipline and fun, swimming lessons can present unique opportunities for socializing, but also for mastering a new sport.


Objectives set for initiation and improvement

Sports Club Luna Brasov was created out of passion and love for swimming. Swimming is one of the most interesting sports, being also relaxing and fun. The little ones can have fun in the water, in addition, by practicing swimming, you can benefit from a state of well-being and relaxation.

Special features CS Luna

  • Accustomed to the aquatic environment;
  • Acquiring correct breathing;
  • Completion of the four procedures: back, groin, arm and future;
  • Adaptation for crane, breast and butterfly procedures;
  • Learning the basic techniques - the back procedure;
  • Selection for performance.

Sports Club Luna

Our benefits

Enrolling in swimming lessons has multiple benefits for you and / or the little athlete. Our team of professionals is at your disposal at any time!


For us, safety is an important factor, and our team of professionals will ensure the safety of every person in the water.

Passion for swimming

Luna Sports Club was born from a huge passion for swimming. Our professional instructors are experienced, caring and enthusiastic.

We build trust

The instructors offer the chance to each child to stand out through the performance, helping them to feel comfortable in the water.


Exercise is extremely important for maintaining health, it is recommended for people suffering from various dysfunctions, physical or mental.

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