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Swimming adults

Swimming adults


Initiation and perfecting

Adults can learn swimming faster and easier once they discover that CS Luna Sports Club offers adult swimming classes.

The objectives of this course are

  • Achieving correct breathing;
  • Getting used to the backstroke movement;
  • Learning and ultimately perfecting the three processes: back crawl (breath at 3 branches) and breaststroke

Coaches: George Munteanu, Cristina Ciohodaru

Class registrations are made by filling in the contact form or at the phone number!

LOCATIONS: Belaqva Coresi Swimming Pool, Olympic Pool

OR CALL IT : +40 787 222 777


Relaxation and relaxation in a pleasant environment

  • Along with the training team of CS LUNA Brasov swimming becomes much simpler even for adults.
  • Participation in adult swimming classes Brasov can be done regardless of age.
  • This sport offers the chance of relaxation in a pleasant environment, removing the stress accumulated in the days of work.


Recommended for people with various ailments

Due to its many benefits, it is recommended especially for people who have various ailments, setting in motion most muscles and joints, strengthening the cardio respiratory system and imposing a state of well-being.


  • Strengthens the cardio respiratory system, imposing a general state of well-being.
  • Practiced regularly, swimming will increase good mood and implicitly will increase the desire to work, having much more energy.
  • In addition, stress will not build up so easily.
  • So, come and take part in the adult swimming lessons in Brasov offered by CS Luna.

Sports Club Luna

Our benefits

Enrolling in swimming lessons has multiple benefits for you and / or the little athlete. Our team of professionals is at your disposal at any time!


For us, safety is an important factor, and our team of professionals will ensure the safety of every person in the water.

Passion for swimming

Luna Sports Club was born from a huge passion for swimming. Our professional instructors are experienced, caring and enthusiastic.

We build trust

The instructors offer the chance to each child to stand out through the performance, helping them to feel comfortable in the water.


Exercise is extremely important for maintaining health, it is recommended for people suffering from various dysfunctions, physical or mental.

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