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Andrei Gheorghita

Andrei Gheorghita


Performance athlete

  • Birth year: 2002
  • Practicing swimming since 2010

Performance obtained

Pitesti, October 19th, 2014, CSM Cup

1st place in the 50m crawl and back trials; 3rd in the 50m breaststroke; 2ndin the 50m butterfly

Munich, Germany, 22-23rd March 2014 – Head Trophy

Place 14th in 100m freestyle

Campina, 23-24th November 2013

Contretemps Cup: 1st place in 50m, 100m freestyle, 50m butterfly. 2nd place in the 50m backstroke and 100m trials, 3rd place in 50m, 100m backstroke and 100m breaststroke

Brasov, June 1st, 2013

Luna’s Children Cup, 1stplace in 50 m back and crawl

Baia Mare, Gheorghe Cup Demeca, 9-10th March 2013

2nd place in the 100m butterfly and 3rd place in the 100m breaststroke trials

Arad, National Championships for children of 10 years, 23-24th June 2012

5th place in the 50m crawl

Galati Cup Viva, 7-8th April 2012

1st place in the 50m crawl, 2nd in the butterfly, breaststroke and back

Sibiu Cup Trinket, March 5th, 2011

1st place in crawl, back and butterfly, 2nd place in breaststroke

Baia Mare, TYR Cup-Flykick 8th of May 2010

2ndplace in the 50m breaststroke, 3rd place 50m crawl

Suceava, Bucovinei Cup, 26-27th of February 2012

1stplace in the 50m crawl, 3rd place in 50m backstroke, 100m freestyle and 2nd in the 50m butterfly

Pitesti, TYR Cup 12-13th November 2011

2nd place in the 50m crawl and back trials

Bacau, Bacau Cup, 29-30th October 2011

2nd place in the 50m butterfly and crawl, 3rd place in 50m back

Sfantu Gheorghe, Sprint Cup, October 15th, 2011

1st Place in 50m back, breaststroke and crawl

Brasov Swimmer Cup, June 4th, 2011

1stplace in the 50m crawl and back trials

Pitesti, Petre Deac Cup, 28-29th May 2011

1st place in the 50m backstroke

Sibiu Trinket Cup, March 5th, 2011

1st place in crawl, breaststroke, back and butterfly

Pitesti, TYR Cup 6-7th November 2010

2nd place in the 50m crawl

Pitesti Cup CSM 22-23rd, 2010

1st place – 50m crawl, 3rd place in breaststroke

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