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Aqua Baby Brasov aims to contribute to the harmonious and healthy development of your children. Movement in the aquatic environment will foster a healthy motor development and will be fun for both the babies and for parents attendants.

Aqua fitness for babies has a special role in their process of adaptation to water and the development of their instincts. The most important role is in the development of a stronger immune system for a much better coordination and harmonious development of the body.

Aqua baby

Presenting since birth swimming reflexes, babies already have jerky movements, apnea, or recovery reflexes. Thus, it will not be surprising that they would try to keep breathing naturally, to present reflexes of the feet, hands and chest or head and try to recover when they are put on their backs or tummy in the water. Therefore, the first sessions in the water can be started at the age of four months. Of course, it is recommended to have a discussion with your doctor to know for sure during which mother the baby can enter the water.

Swimming for baby

Swimming is associated with numerous health benefits and is recognized for improving concentration, agility, perceptual abilities and even intelligence. The little ones become more attentive to what they are being told and begin to understand simple sentences.

At Aqua baby classes Brasov, guided by our specialized instructors and under the careful supervision, your children will discover their motor skills and learn to swim. The children will be able to develop a special relationship with water, removing fear. It will be much easier to practice swimming in the future if you are accustomed since a young age.

Therefore, we have special programs with various activities, specially molded by age and we provide facilities perfectly adapted to your needs.

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Signing up for swimming has multiple benefits for you and / or your little champion. From health, to discipline and fun, swimming courses can offer unique opportunities for socializing, but also for mastering a new sport. Our professional team is at your disposal anytime!

For us, safety is an important factor and our team of professionals will ensure the safety of every child and adult in the water.
Passion for swimming
The CS Luna Brasov was created out of a huge passion for swimming. Our professional instructors have experience, they are caring and full of enthusiasm.
Building confidence
Our instructors offer every child the chance to stand out through performance. They pay attention to each child, helping them feel comfortable in the water.
Exercise is extremely important for maintaining health. In addition, it is recommended for people suffering from various dysfunctions, physical or mental.
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