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You and Luna

You and Luna

Promotes sports performance

You can also contribute to sustain practicing sports from a young age and promoting the sports performance of people from Brasov.

Through sport you can offer children a chance to health, harmonious development, perseverance, endurance, social integration and more.

You can help us by making a donation:

  • By bank transfer, to our account:
    Beneficiary: LUNA Sports Club
    CIF: 20606541
    Address: Calea Bucurestilor nr.84A, Brasov, jud. Brasov
    Bank: Banca Comerciala Romana, Brasov:
    RON: RO06RNCB0053071433600001
  • Donations via the online , PayPal

We respect your wish in case you do not want to communicate personal data. Fields containing these data are not mandatory. The “mail” field is mandatory for the security of the transaction.

We will never request information about your card, SSN or other authentication data by email, regular mail or by any other means.

The transaction will be made using PayPal, which is authorized to conduct transactions online. More details about transaction security you can find  here.

You can help us continue to fulfill our projects and future plans by becoming our sponsor. The amounts donated by companies are deducted directly from income tax if the following conditions are met:

– They do not exceed 20% of the profit tax due;
– They are within 0.3% of turnover.

Sponsorships expenses that exceed this threshold may be booked as non-deductible expenses..

Facility on sponsorships are regulated by, Art. 21, paragraph 4, letter p, Tax Code. .. expenses of sponsorship and / or patronage and private expenditure on scholarships, granted by law; Taxpayers making sponsorship and / or patronage, according to Law no. 32/1994 regarding sponsorship, with subsequent modifications and Law libraries no. 334/2002, republished, with subsequent amendments, and those private scholarships under the law, deduct from income tax related amounts due in the minimum limit specified below:

– 3 ‰ of the turnover;
– 20% of the tax due.

Sponsorship expenses for libraries under public law for the construction of venues, endowments, acquisitions of information technology and specific documents. funding continuous training programs for librarians, exchange of specialists, scholarships specialization , participation in international congresses fall under that category.)


Sign a sponsorship contract – can download our model contract (CONTRACT_DE_SPONSORIZARE);


By yearend, the company pays the amount stipulated in the contract through a regular payment which will be booked, just like any other expense. On collection of tax by the State, this amount will be deducted from the total payment.

We invite you to know each other and to discuss more about our projects.

George Munteanu
email: cs.luna@yahoo.com
tel: +40 787 222 777

You can transfer the LUNA Sports Club 2% of the income tax that you paid!

Complete and submit the Form 230 (for income tax) or Form 200 (other income) until May 25th, 2014.

It’s simple and does not cost you anything!

Step 1

Download form prefilled with the club dates:

for income tax: FORMULARUL 230
other income: FORMULARUL 200


Year: 2013 (previous year, for which tax was already paid)
Name of nonprofit entity: “LUNA” SPORTS CLUB
Fiscal identification code: 20606541
Bank Account (IBAN): RO06RNCB0053071433600001
Step 2

Fill it with your personal signature.

The remaining headings should not be completed.
Step 3

Submit the form or send it by post to the registered letter from the Public Finance Administration home town.

Addresses are here: ADDRESSES of Administration or, if you have gathered several statements, you can send them to us by post and distribute them to us. The address is:
Calea Bucurestilor Nr.84A bl. A1 sc.A ap.9
Brasov, Romania
Code 500365
Phone: 0787 222 777

The deadline for filing the form is May 25th, 2014, thereafter taxpayers losing the right to exercise the option.

According O.G. no.92 / 2003, article 11, paragraph (4), the beneficiaries of amounts obtained the forms 230 or 200 can not obtain fiscal information outlining the “identity of any natural or legal person”. Donors, in case they wish, can communicate to the association that they filed those forms.


The numbers speak for us

Our mission is to provide high quality swimming lessons in a fun and safe environment.














Exercise is important for maintaining and developing health.

Play and education

Children learn through play, and our activities will be beneficial for little ones of all ages!

Passion for swimming

We want to share our passion for swimming with others.

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