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It has been proven that swimming contributes to the development of intelligence!

Children who learn to swim from a young age reach more stages of development faster than the rest. Researchers at the Griffith Institute for Educational Research analyzed 7,000 children under five years of Australia, New Zealand and the US for three years. This study is the most comprehensive in the world regarding the effects of swimming on intelligence. At the end of the study it was demonstrated that all children who swim early acquire a wide range of habits much earlier than the average population.

The information was recorded and then compared with general development indicators for children, such as counting, oral expression and memory capacity.

Researchers were surprised by the results of the initial study. To validate the results, the researchers underwent a series of cognitive tests.

The study has shown that swimming enhances intelligence, concentration, memory, and distributive attention.

This is mainly due to the movements required to practice this sport, which require coordination and attention, as well as the ability to follow instructions.

Swimming, the recommended sport for memory improvement: Children over 5 years of age experience having a swim experience have been 11 months more advanced with regard to oral expression and nearly 7 months more advanced in mathematical calculations than children who do not swim.

Two members of the CS Luna Sports Club are living proof of these claims. Botezatu Elena Bianca, a student at the Gymnasium School 4, Brasov, prides itself with 10 grades at the National Evaluation in 2017. Neither Alexandru Petrache is not inferior. 8th Grade Elementary School Peter Thai put Rasnov on the podium at the National Evaluation this year, being the only one in the city with the average of 10 clean.

Both children have a special power of concentration, showing a sharp mind and a worthy admirer. In their spare time, they attend swimming courses at CS Moon. Combining sports with the learned, these two children are proof that swimming is indeed a noble sport that offers many benefits to both the body and the mind.
Conclusion: If you want your little ones to develop intelligence, take them to swimming classes. They will thus receive an intellectual advantage before the beginning of the school.

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