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Silver Medal for Raul Neama from CS Luna at the Junior Balkan Olympiad

Additionally, other club members had podium finishes at the “Mihai Mitrofan” Memorial, competition held right in Brasov.
The end of the last week was a busy one for the CS Luna, who compiled awards and medals in the two competitions held between 25 and 26th of April, the Junior Balkan Championships, held in Oradea, and the “Mihai Mitrofan” Memorial, Masters competition, in Brasov. The first appearance of the club at the Balkan Championships had Neama Raul (pictured) as a representative, who received the title of Balkan vice-champion in the 4 x 100-meter mixed trial and 4th place in the 100 meters’ butterfly trial. At the Balkan Championships participated swimmers from 9 countries: Bulgaria, Moldova, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Romania.

As per usual, the athlete brought pride to the Luna Sports Club and Brasov, by being the first from Brasov who participated at the Junior Balkan Championships. The second competition held this weekend was addressed to the swimming enthusiasts, at the Masters category.
The Masters category is addressed to people over 25 years old, who continue to practice swimming or to those who have learned to swim during adulthood and want to incorporate into their lifestyle the regular practice of swimming. It’s for the first time that the Luna Sports Club was introduced at the start of the competition with a master’s team comprised of Tudor George, Laura Tudor, Torok Atilla and Cristina Dima.

The participation in the 19 trials for 3 age categories brought 13 podium finishes for the Club as follows:
Tudor George – 2nd place in the 100m backstroke
Torok Atilla – 1st place in the 50m and 100m breaststroke
– 2nd place in 50m and 100m backstroke and crawl trials
Cristina Dima – 1st place in the 50, 100 and 400m backstroke trials
– 1st place in the 100m backstroke trial
– 1st place in the 50m butterfly trial

Laura Tudor’s courage was appreciated – she was on her first participation only 2 months after graduation the initiation course for adults.
So, CS Luna continues on the same note, collecting medals at the competitions they participate in, confirming the high value of the coaches and the administrative staff.

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