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At the pool with your tummy

The prenatal aquatic activity offers to pregnant women the possibility of relaxation and leisure, favoring the awareness of the evolving body. It is a unique opportunity for sharing emotions, a privileged communication moment between parents and their future children.

The aquatic environment is extremely friendly – it takes the discomfort of the weight, relieves back pain and favors ground movements that seem unachievable.

The Aqua Natal sessions are structured in warm-up exercises, light toning (arms, shoulders, chest, legs, and perineum), mobility, breathing and relaxation. The main benefits:

  • they eliminate the discomfort of the weight (water takes approx. 70% of body weight);
  • they reduce pressure on the back and legs;
  • they improve blood circulation (water massage);
  • they help maintain joint mobility and muscle tone;
  • they accelerate intestinal transit;
  • they facilitate breath awareness;
  • they help relax, and relieve mental and emotional stress..

During the aquatic activity movements, pregnant women perform exercises in a personal manner, according to their own pace and the level of development of the pregnancy. They are guided to relax, discover new sensations, share feelings for the well-being to accompany them permanently during the pregnancy.

Ana Munteanu, Brasov

FAAEL certified entertainer for pre-and post-natal aquatic activities.

www.csluna.roSursa: http://www.mamicamea.ro/despre-sarcina/la-piscina-cu-burtica.html#ixzz4KDq1WOkg

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