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At just 11 years old, an athlete from Brasov is a national swimming champion

Raul Emanuel Neama obtained the the national champion title in Pitesti, four days ago. The kid is trained by George Munteanu, the young man who ventured two years ago, in swimming across the Bosphorus Strait. Between 20 and 22nd of March, in Pitesti, nearly 400 juniors competed in the National Poliathlon Championship for children. Brașov was present at this competition with two children, for the 11 years old category, who are currently training at the Luna Sports Club in Poiana Brașov, under the guidance of George Munteanu.

Out of the 120 children who competed for the title in the 11 years old category, the Brașov-based swimmer Raul Emanuel Neama managed to finish first in the 50m freestyle trial, with the official time of 31 seconds and 50 hundredths of a second. The second swimmer, Alexandru Rusu ranked 22 at the same trial, with the official time of 34 seconds and 52 hundredths of a second. Also, Raul Neama managed to obtained the title of national vice-champion at the 100m freestyle trial, with the official time of 1:10:26. “Raul is not even 11 years old and he has already succeeded in becoming national champion. His result comes after training for about a year”, said George Munteanu, the junior’s coach.

The next competition in which the club “Luna” will be present, according to George Munteanu, will be in Braila, the coach’s hometown, between 25 and 28th of June 2009. A former athlete, George Munteanu is the young man who, in 2007, succeeded in swimming across the Bosporus Strait, being the only Romanian participant in such a competition. He ranked 3rd out of 500 participants. His performance is not singular. In 2006, he swam 3 km in the gulf of San Francisco, which surrounds the feared prison of Alcatraz. Now, the young man established in Brasov, teaches swimming classes at the Poiana Brașov CS Luna Sports Club.

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