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Private school swimmers, in the European swimming charts

Three swimmers from Luna Sports Club in Brasov successfully represented their country in the most recent European competition. The competition – Internationals Jugendmeeting 2010 – was held in Bonn, Germany, in February, the European competition being listed on the events of LEN: European Swimming League. From there, Raul Neama, Remus Gal and Niki Szasz returned not only with the pride of being the only Romanian athletes in the competition, but also with a couple of medals. “These were the results of the first international competition we attended since establishing the club.

The results were good, as expected, the competition being, in fact, a verification for the Nationals in Pitesti, which will be held this year, at the end of this month. The results obtained in Germany help us believe that we will perform very well in the national competition”, explained George Munteanu, the coach and manager of the Sports Club. Best ranked was Raul Neama, a 12-year-old boy who confirmed the good results obtained in the national competitions. Thus, Raul Neama ranked 2nd in the age category of 1998 in the 200m mixed trial, the first place being occupied by a Belgium athlete. At the same age category, Remus Gal ranked 10th. Niki Szasz, a kid who entered the national competitions just last year, ranked 1st at the 50m breaststroke trial, for the 1991 age category. In the 200m back trial, Raul Neama ranked 2nd again, and for the 200m freestyle trial, managed to rank 4th.

However, in the 100m backstroke trial, Raul ranked 1st, with an official time of 1:15,94. Remus Gal, managed to only rank 10th in the same trial. Raul obtained another top position in the 400m mixed trial, ranking 3rd after the athletes from Germany and Belgium. Another good official time at the European competition, 0:38,33, was obtained by Niki Szasz (born in 1999) in the 50m freestyle trial. At the same trial, but in the 1998 age category, the two athletes trained in Brasov held the top two positions: Raul Neama first place, and Remus Gal second place, with a timing of 0:3-,14, respectively 0:32, 51. Raul Neama and Remus Gal also entered the 100m butterfly and freestyle trials, but failed to obtain a good enough time to qualify for the top positions, ranking among top 10 athletes. Raul Neama and Gal Remus, swimmers of the CS Luna, are trained by George Munteanu, the only Romanian swimmer who dared to swim across the Bosporus. The other CS Luna athlete, Niki Szasz, is trained by Racula Steblea.

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