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Swimming: Resita marathon, 24 hours in the pool

During 19 and 20th of May, a 24 hours swimming marathon, the 19th edition, will be organized by Horia Ionut (photo), competition which until last year was held in Brasov, will now be hosted by the Olympic pool in Resita. The first edition of the marathon took place in 1993, when 6 teams entered the competition, up to the latest edition when 16 teams signed up. The competition’s record was established in 2010, at the 17th edition, by Pitesti’s Elite Swimming team, with the result of 107,900 km. The individual record was set by Constantin Tudose (from Ploiesti), at the 16th edition, who swam 2800 m in 30 minutes.

It should be noted that for 2 consecutive years, 2006 and 2007, George Munteanu, Luna Sports Club coach won the cup for best performance, and in 2008 ranked 1st within the Boso team. “In the previous years, we participated with 2 athletes, Raul Neama and Spinu Cosmin, and for 5 consecutive years with coach Cristina Dima. This year, however, the Luna team will enter the competition for the first time with athletes trained by us, since the club was established in 2007. “We are set on winning and even more than that we want to break the record set 2 years ago”, says George Munteanu confidently. “At the start of this wonderful competition 8 teams, 105 participants, 3 teams from Brasov, 2 from Resita, 1 from Pitesti, 1 from Timisoara and last, but not least 1 from Bucharest – Motivation Foundation – which is composed by 6 invalid participants, honoring us with its presence each year, will compete, the organizer of the marathon, Horia Ionut, told us.

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