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Swimming: At CS Luna, you learn how to swim, and then you compete in the national championship!

During the 28th of June and the 1st of July, the National Swimming Championship destined for children aged between 11 and 13, where 3 athletes represented Luna Sports Club, hopes of the Romanian swimming future, coached by Ana Cristina Dima. The Brasov-based athletes achieved notable personal performances. Thus, Marin Răzvan Horațiu (13 years old) obtained a worthy 24th place out of 80 athletes enrolled in the 50m butterfly trial, and 32nd in the 800m freestyle trial, where he improved his time with 1 minute and 30 seconds, and in the 400 m freestyle trial progressed by 30 seconds.

Spătaru Raul Mihai (12 years old) ranked 24th and 27th in the 50 and 100 m breaststroke trials, making a leap of 3 and 8 seconds from previous competitions and Muscalu Eduard (12 years old) whose participation in a competition of this scale is quite an achievement considering that he learned to swim nine months ago, and managed to improve his personal results finishing 37th among 80 athletes enrolled in the 50m breaststroke trial. In the 100m breaststroke trial he improved his time by 5 seconds compared to his outcome at a competition a month ago. “Their participation at this stage of the national competition shows that we are moving slowly but surely toward the steps of the podium after less than two years in high performance preparation”, declared Ana Cristina Dima, CS Luna coach. It is worth mentioning that in this contest, national championship stage 53 clubs in total were enrolled, with a total of 493 athletes out of which 327 boys and 166 girls

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