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Swimming: At CS Luna the results have begun to appear!

Swimming is a traditional sport for Romanians. In the old days, Carmen Bunaciu or Camelia Potec today have kept us breathless at the competition they participated in. Unfortunately, as with most sports, swimming gradually declined. The alternative of private schools can out from the crowd a sport which not only ensures a healthy body and mind, but according to the talented athletes, can bring medals at the major international competitions. So is the case of the Luna Sports Club. Here we met the courageous lover of this discipline, George Munteanu. He is a “fac-totum” of the club, is in charge of the coaches’ selection, renting pools, has groups of children which he trains, and is generally the man in charge of this institution.

At “Luna”, from an early age, children are trained, the so-called initiation, followed over time, by those who have the ability and the willingness for performance to opt for a career in swimming. So, came the results in competitions, which you’ll find below. National champions for the Juniors II competitions, raised by the Luna Sports Club, trained by George Munteanu and Cristina Dima, reached the junior age and came back with notable results from the first National Juniors II Championship, held in Baia Mare: 7th place in the 50m breaststroke trial for Diana Pitigoi, 6th place in the 50 m crawl trial for Horia Lungu, 5th place in the 100m butterfly trial for Sebastian Stinceanu, 4th place in the 200 m mixed trial, 100m and 200m butterfly trial for Cosmin Spinu, 2nd place in the 100 m butterfly, 50 m and 100 m crawl trial and Raul Neama became national champion in the 50 m butterfly trial.

In the closing of the competition, the baton boys team became vice-champion in the 4×100 mixed trial, the team being composed of: Cosmin Spinu, Mihai Stroe, Raul Neama si Horia Lungu. The competition brought together 41 clubs, 155 boys and 95 girls. There were 6 medals won in the Masters national swimming competition, where 104 competitors (among which 39 females and 65 males) from 15 clubs around the country found themselves at the start of the second edition of the Masters National Swimming Championship, which took place late last month at the Olympic pool of the Municipal Sports and Health Complex of Resita’s neighborhood Lunca Bârzavei and ended with the following results: 5 gold medals: for the 50m and 100m backstroke trial, 50m and 100m crawl trial and 100m butterfly trial and 1 silver medal for the 50m butterfly trial. Luna achieved the 3rd place according to the “master’s” overall scoreboard. At the competition, there were present representatives from clubs from București, Cluj, Arad, Timișoara, Ploiești, Brașov and Reșița.

Beyond this results, the joy of swimming, regardless of the age, of engaging in healthy activities and reuniting with colleagues from around the country which over time became friends, remains.

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