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Swimming: The ASSECO OPEN Cup: CS Luna wants podium places in Izvorani

The end of the week will bring closer an important swimming tournament in which the Brasov team of CS Luna will compete, as well. The competition will take place between 12 and 13th of May, at the Olympic Center in Izvorani. The delegation from Brasov, composed of 7 athletes (Sebastian Stănceanu, Cosmin Spânu, Eduard Muscalu, Eric Roman, Diana Pițigoi, Ioana Filip și Răzvan Marin) will be led by George Munteanu, manager and coach at CS Luna, helped at this tournament by another coach, Cristina Dima. The athletes will participate for 5 age categories, 10, 12, 13, 14, and 16 years old. The Races of Izvorani are an official competition, the official times obtained by the swimmers are electronically timed like at the major competitions. About the participation at the Asseco Open, we asked for references from the CS Luna manager, George Munteanu.

“We want to present ourselves in top shape, for us is a competition which we respect, as are all competitions we participate in. In addition, it is the first competition with cash prizes that we take part in. They are not significant sums, but they are beneficial to stimulate the children, to learn the value of a tournament, and to learn to deal with the pressure of competitions. First place will be rewarded with 100 lei, the second place with 60 lei, and the third place with 40 lei. About the tournament’s objective, Munteanu added: “I hope we achieve 5 places on the podium. Knowing the competitors, but also the value of our children, I think this goal is perfectly achievable.”

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