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Swimming: CS Luna among the national championship protagonists

The juniors of the Luna Sports Club returned victorious from the National Swimming Championship. Between 12 and 15th of July, in Bucharest, took place the National Swimming Championship for juniors, where the athletes coached by George Munteanu and Ana-Cristina Dima returned with 6 national medals: 1st place for Neama Raul in the 50m butterfly trial, 2nd place in the 100m butterfly trial and two 3rd places in the 50 and 100m freestyle trial. A first podium finish for Spînu Cosmin and the 3rd place in the 100m butterfly trial. The last medal was won in the relay trial, where the 14-year-old boys obtained 3rd place with a better time compared to the previous championships, having the same membership: Spînu Cosmin Stroe Mihai, Neama Raul and Lungu Horia.

“We are also happy about the results of our other athletes, who ranked for the finals of the trials they enrolled in: Pițigoi Diana *13 years old), which ranked 5th in the breaststroke trial, climbing up 2 places in the rankings and succeeding to improve her time with one second, compared to previous results, after only 2 years of high performance training. Horia Lungu managed to rank 7th in the 50m freestyle trial, and Stînceanu Sebastian qualified for 3 finals where he managed to rank 7th twice at the 100m butterfly trial and 100m crawl trial, plus the 8th place in the 200m butterfly trial. The total number of participants was also impressive, 269 athletes, including 105 girls and 155 boys, and over 41 clubs present at the competition.

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