Swimming: CS Luna takes their junior swimmers at the national championship

Saturday, June the 23rd, in Arad, marks the start of the first national championship for children aged 10 of the Luna Sports Club. The athtletes, trained for 2 years by coach George Munteanu, except for Gheorghiță, who has been trained for 4 years, are looking forward to participating at this competition and hope, for the relay trial (450 m freestyle and mixed) to achieve podium ranking. The relay trial team has in its composition Andrei Gheorghiță, Alexandru Petrache, Massimo Boni si Mihnea Drăghici.

Additionally, this is not the only trial for which the team is fighting for medals. For the 50m freestyle trial, Andrei Gheorghiță has the 3rd time in the rankings and, at least hypothetically, he’s one of the favorites for a medal. As for the contest is concerned, George Munteanu said that “I hope that my students will have instilled in them the spirit of the competition, of going beyond their limits”. It is worth mentioning that Munteanu trained this group from the beginning and led it to the national championship competitions.

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