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Swimming: CS Luna has competitive coaches and athletes

Swimming doesn’t take a break during this period. After the completed tournaments about which our newspaper has kept you up to date, there are others following. 2 triathlon competitions will be held – in Târgu Mureș and the Juniors National Championships II – in Bucharest. The first competition will be Bioeel Triathlon Challenge, in Târgu Mures, on July 7th, 2012 – Triathlon Bioeel Challenge Targu Mures – Mures Sg. on July 7th – Xterra triathlon 1000 m swimming, 28 km MTB, 8km running. The Bioeel Triathlon Challenge is the second stage of the Bioeel Triathlon Grand Prix Romania circuit, where coach George Munteanu will take on for the first time such a challenge. About the second competition, we got the details from CS Luna coach, Cristina Maria Dima.

“The second competition in which we start is the Juniors National Championships II from 12th of July to the 15th, in Bucharest, where the oldest member of the club, Raul Neama will participate to defend the national champion title, and for the most newcomers we have expectations for the podium. From Spinu Cosmin, who ranked 4th at the spring championship and Sebastian Stinceanu, who ranked 5th at the previous competition. Surprises can occur from the athletes ranked 6th and 7th, Lungu Horia and Pițigoi Diana, who we hope to get as closer as possible to the 3rd place and obtain the qualification to the final in many trials. Also, we expect the torch-carrying team to defend its vice title and fight for the highest step of the podium.” During the same period the National Triathlon Exterra Championship – Saint Ana Lake Xterra Triathlon will take place, at the St. Ana Lake: on July 14th 2012 the off-road trial: 900m swimming – 23 km biking – 6.2 km running where the same George Munteanu will participate, with hope to rank among the first 3 competitors in both “triathlons”.

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