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Water gymnastic combines the features of fitness, jogging and swimming. It can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their age or swimming practice. It also addresses pregnant women.

Because it uses helping objects and specific equipment you don’t need to have an excellent physical condition or to know how to swim. It aims to shape the silhouette, being well suited against cellulite.

Because of the ability to take over 70% of your weight, water is ideal for motion. Thus, movements are much lighter, physical activity becoming less exhausting than on land and more enjoyable. “Because much of the weight is taken water, bones, ligaments, and joints are protected, the risk of injury during exercise is reduced”, says fitness and aqua gymnastics Professor Simona Brancusi, from Club Wellness Majestic.

Aqua Gym for children

Water exercises are very beneficial and fun for children. Aqua gymnastics is right for them because it combines both useful and pleasurable things. You can get used to the water more quickly, if they don’t know hot to swim, reducing the risk of them afraid in the future. It can be considered even more beneficial than swimming because it trains all muscle groups.

Aqua gymnastics is beneficial in order to correct orthopedic problems or disorders of growth. Problems such as scoliosis or kyphosis can be treated following such courses.

During pregnancy

Doctors generally recommend aqua gymnastics for pregnant women from the early months of pregnancy. There are special courses for them, which helps limit weight gain, relieving low back pain and the sensation of heavy legs. They maintain joint mobility and muscle toneness. Pregnant women who desire a pregnancy without unpleasant incidents should go to the pool and the gym regularly. In this way, they will help their body to adapt more easily to the changes that occur during pregnancy and better prepare for birth.

Aqua gymnastics is an appropriate method to avoid lower limb circulatory disorders such as lymphedema or varicose veins, which are common during pregnancy. It is also proper activity for your intestinal transit. Pregnant women often face problems such as constipation and water exercises can prevent it.

Aqua Gym and health

Just as efficiently, you can treat functional problems of the musculoskeletal system. Hydrokinetotherapy involves a series of exercises supervised by a specialist in physical therapy, but uses water therapy. This type of therapy is indicated for several musculoskeletal problems: surgery, herniated disc, muscle injuries, sprains, fractures. The water serves to unwind and relax the entire body.

Thus, this type of gymnastics is successfully used in diseases that can advance in severity over time such as spondylitis, osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatic and inflammatory conditions thereof.

Team coaches of CS Luna classes are waiting for you at Brasov Aqua Gym to discover relaxation.


People suffering from disorders of the respiratory system, sinusitis or rhinosinusitis may encounter problems when leaving the pool if there is a big difference in temperature.

Contraindications exist for people who experience skin lesions, infectious diseases (chicken pox), who have fever or unstable arterial hypertension. Multiple sclerosis, cancer and other diseases are also contraindicated for water gymnastics.

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