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CS Luna Sports Club Brasov offers synchronized swimming classes.

Location: Brasov Olympic Pool

SUBSCRIPTION: 200 lei / 10 lessons / month
LESSON: 30 lei


Synchronized Swimming Instructor: Cristina Dima

Synchronized swimming is considered one of the most unique known water activities. A whole unit entirely made up of swimming, dance, and gymnastics, consisting of swimmers (solo, duet, trio, combined or team) who perform a series of movements accompanied by music.

And this, just like swimming, can be a recreational activity. In time, through determination and passion can get to be done in order to reach performance.

It is addressed to children of all ages giving them the chance to make new friends, being a more interactive form of swimming, meaning you have to cooperate with each other to synchronize the movements. This will enhance attention and concentration. In addition, they will develop good physical condition, keeping their muscles toned.

Considering that it involve more elaborate moves, faster and more frequent, this type of swimming develops and perfects breathing control.

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Synchronized swimming courses Brasov

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Benefits of Synchronized Swimming

• It is a fun activity involving dance moves in the water.
• It is open to all, regardless of swimming training, sex or body type.
• It suits everyone, it can be practiced for life.
• It involves teamwork, developing communication.

This type of swimming involves the accumulation of advanced water skills. It takes great strength, flexibility, grace, art, and concentration to create a perfect synchronization. The exact control of breathing is essential, especially when exercising upside down positions underwater.