CS Luna Sports Club offers Brasov polo classes.

Location: Brasov Olympic Pool

  • Monday – Friday, 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (lessons lasting 50 minutes.))


  • Subscription / month – 200 lei / 8 lessons
  • Lesson – 35 lei / lesson

Coach: George Munteanu

Emerged from the desire to change the monotony of traditional workouts for swimming, water polo or “football in the water” is one of the oldest games. The first water polo game took place on 14 July 1876 in England.
CS Luna Polo Brasov organizes courses due to your desire to know a different kind of game, with a special history.


Polo Rules

The game requires the passing of a football in the water from one player to another. Teams are made up of 7 players and a goal counts when the ball enters the goal. The first gates were made in Scotland in 1887. Goalkeepers were allowed to sit both in the water and on the pier or boat. They were allowed to enter the court as many times as necessary to stop the opponent.


First championship

The first championship was held in 1888 in England. In the beginning, there were only 4-5 teams, the transportation from city to city being difficult. Scots were the ones who won 4-0 presenting a superior technique. They concentrated on leadership and the passing of the ball.

That’s when they set an actual play time of 20 minutes.

This game has swiftly passed the British borders. In 1888 it was first performed in Belgium. In 1897 in France, in 1990 in Italy. Hungary was the country which created a polo school community in the true sense. But the first game is certified as taking place in 1889. In Romania, the first polo tournament was held in 1924 in Constanta and the first participation in the Olympics in 1952 in Helsinki.

CS Luna Sports Club offers Brasov polo classes, keeping the sport alive.

Polo at the Olympics

Polo had its Olympic debut in the 1900 edition held in Paris in Britain, Belgium and France competing during the tournament.

In 1911 a huge step in the development of the Anglo-Scottish sport was made when rules were imposed on all practitioners of this game. Also, because several controversies arose the International Water Polo Board came into being. It was a panel of four British people and four representatives of the International Swimming Federation. Regulations came into being on January 1, 1930.


Brasov polo courses

CS Luna Sports Club enables the learning and practicing of one of the oldest games in the water, namely: polo.

Together with our team you can learn something new and interactive to relax you and contribute to your physical development. Come and take part in polo courses offered by CS Luna Brasov!

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